(from the sky)

Within weeks or sometimes within months after your wedding, your photographer sends you the most beautiful wedding photo album in the world as a lasting memory of your big day, but you might miss a trick by not recording some footage as well.

We believe that in this day and age, videos are equally or maybe even more important than photos as a medium to record your wedding day. Yet, most bridal couples book a photographer without giving it a second thought and often consider a videographer to be a costly extra.


We are a full-service production company and (aerial) video team, creating awe-inspiring wedding videos. Wedding Drone Marbella works intimately with our couples to create the wedding video clip of their dreams.

On your wedding day, our team films all events with state-of-the-art HD and fully stabilized video cameras and combining ground footage with spectacular drone images during the outdoors activities.

When the party moves indoor, our crew continue documenting wedding festivities throughout the night. As an option we can create a short video of the ceremony just before the party starts. This video can be shown on big screens at any time during the party.


As you head off on your honeymoon, Wedding Drone Marbella heads into post-production. We edit audio from your vows to the music of your choice, combined with stunning visual footage, to create a wedding video like no other. The end result is a deeply moving cinematic document of your wedding day.

Once finished, mostly within 48 hours after the wedding, the short video is uploaded to the Internet. Ready to share amongst your family, friends and other.

As an extra service we can take care of the distribution of your wedding video by sending it to all your family and friends, as long as we have their email addresses.  All discrete and presented with a beautiful designed email.

Once ready, we will upload your video to Vimeo (private or public). The video will stay there forever. It is up to you to decide how and where to share it.


Wedding Drone Marbella is founded by Marco Vlaskamp. During the 90’s he worked international as a video technician on all mayor European events. At the end of the 90’s Marco produced many dance video clips, commercials and home video’s.

At the beginning of 2016 he bought his first drone and soon he found out that the combination of being experienced in producing and editing video clips and his passion for flying drones can be combined. Nowadays Marco produces short videos for real-estate, B&Bs, golf tournaments and so on.

With Wedding Drone Marbella he is going to use all his experience to create short wedding videos that gets your emotion and stay on the internet forever.